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میری طنزومزاح کی پہلی کتاب “امریکا میں دائمی دھرنا” پہ اپنی راۓ اور مشورے سے ضرور نوازیں۔
جمال محسن

آن لائن مفت کتاب پڑھنے کے لیے کلک کریں
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Jamal Mohsin

Jamal Mohsin A writer, journalist and columnist. MA Journalism from Karachi University and MBA finance from Iona College NY.
Author of 3 books. First humorous book: “امریکا میں دائمی دھرنا” (Permanent Insurrection in America)
Currently owner/CEO of his own brokerage firm, at MJM Financial Group. Mainly working as a Financial Advisor/Stock Broker.
Founding member of PACOLI (Pakistani American Community of Long Island) and Founder of
(A premier organisation of hosting Muslim Matrimonial Events ) Jamal Mohsin is former Stock broker at Prudential Security and UBS/PaineWebber. Former Branch manager at MetLife.
The author Jamal Mohsin is blessed to be father of two children and three grand children residing in NY.

The Descendant of Hope

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“امریکا میں دائمی دھرنا” کی تقریب رونمائی
حکمرانوں کی ہٹ دھرم سیاست کے سبب ملک کا دھڑن تختہ
سر سید ، گاندھی اور ایک بہاری کی گپ شپ
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